It is our goal at the Wyandotte County Election Office to make sure that everyone who is eligible to vote, and wishes to do so, can cast their ballot quickly and easily. With that goal in mind, we work hard to make certain that you have a variety of convenient options for participating in each election. Those options fall in two basic categories, in-person voting and voting by mail. 

In-person voting

Most people in Wyandotte County choose to cast their vote in person, either at an early vote center or on Election Day at their polling place. That process is quick and simple.

  1. Arrive at your chosen early vote center, or if voting on Election Day, at your assigned polling place.

  2. When you walk in, there will be a check-in table set up to begin the voting process. On occasions there will be a short line of voters waiting to check in, but the line should move quickly. When it's your turn at the check-in desk, the worker will ask you for photo ID and your name.

  3. Hand the worker your photo ID and state your name clearly. The worker will look you up in our electronic poll book and ask you to state your current address.

  4. If your address in our system is up-to-date, the worker will ask you to sign the screen of the electronic poll book. He or she will ask you if you would like to vote a paper or touchscreen ballot and then provide you with a slip of paper with your ballot information on it, and direct you to your next stop. Note: Our satellite early vote centers only offer touchscreen voting.

Paper ballot:

  1. You will be directed to a ballot judge. Hand him or her the slip of paper you received at check in. He or she will use this to verify that you receive the correct ballot. Once you have your ballot and ballot marking pen, you can proceed to an empty voting booth to mark your ballot in private.

  2. Mark the ballot according to the instructions provided. If you make a mistake, don't worry, it happens all the time. Simply return to the worker who issued you the ballot and ask for a replacement. He or she will take your incorrectly marked ballot and provide you with a new one. When you have finished marking your ballot, proceed to the ballot box. Insert your ballot using the scanner tray on top of the ballot box.

  3. Our exit clerk will instruct you on how to feed your ballot into the ballot scanner so that it can be counted.

  4. Hand the ballot marking pen to the exit clerk, take your "I voted" sticker and you are done!

Touchscreen voting:

A touch screen is provided for disabled voters. You may be given the option of using a touchscreen if there is no one waiting to use it. The touch screen is simply a ballot marking device. It does not count your ballot.

The instructions for voting on the touch screen are provided on the screen:

  •     Mark your choices by touching the boxes next to your choices.

  •     If you make an error, touching the screen in the same box erases the error.

  •     Choose the boxes you intended.

  •     Review your voted ballot on the review screen.

  •     Touch the screen in the box for PRINT BALLOT.

  •     Review your printed ballot.

  •     Deposit your printed ballot in the ballot box. 

Voting by mail

If you're looking for the ultimate in voting convenience, you have found it. Simply submit your signed and completed application (PDF) to our office and we will mail a ballot directly to you. Ballots begin mailing 20 days before an election. Follow the steps below to get started:

  1. Print out the application (PDF) for an advance ballot. You can also receive an application by contacting our office.

  2. Fill out and sign the application.

  3. Submit the application to our office by:

    • Scanning and emailing to
      - or -

    • Mailing it to 850 State Avenue, Kansas City, KS 66101
      - or -

    • Delivering it to our office during normal business hours
      - or -

    • Faxing it to 913-573-8580

  4. When you receive your ballot, mark it carefully, following the provided instructions. Once complete, fill out the information on the return envelope, making sure to sign your envelope in the space provided. Place the ballot inside and mail or deliver to our office. If you are dropping the ballot off you can drop it off at any polling location including the Election Office by 7 p.m. If you are mailing the ballot it must be postmarked by election day and received by the Friday after the election to be eligible to be counted.