Countywide elections

You must be registered to vote in Wyandotte County. The scheduled elections are the August Primary election and the November General election.

Special elections

A special election is held whenever requested by a city or a school district. These are always a question-only ballot which asks the voters of that jurisdiction to vote yes or no on the proposal. The most common special elections are for a new sales tax, sales tax renewals, and public-school bond issues.  

Drainage district elections

There are three drainage districts in Wyandotte County, each defined geographically to include specific areas of land. These elections to choose the members of the drainage district governing board are held every four years on the same day as the November General election. To be eligible to vote, you must be registered to vote, reside in the district and be a current taxpayer. Polling places which have eligible voters are the only polling places which will have a separate check-in table for drainage district voting. If you believe you are eligible to vote in a drainage district election, please ask the election worker at the separate check-in table to see if your name is in the drainage district poll book. If your name is not found in the drainage district poll book, and you believe this is an error, you can vote a provisional ballot. We will verify whether you are eligible before provisional ballots are counted. The next drainage district election will be in 2021.